Dear Friends, 

For the reasons of the (1) restrictions within the county's Phase One recovery plan, and because St. Matthew's has a (2) much larger seating capacity allowing more people to come to Mass - which will also allow congregants to spread much further out - for the remainder of May our Masses at Coronation will move up the street to our neighbors at St. Matthew's Parish.


We plan on resuming the Mass at Coronation in the first week of June. During these two weeks away from our sanctuary, we hope to be able to do some needed improvements: specifically, repairing the two confessionals.

The upcoming liturgical schedule will be published on this page. This coming weekend of May 16/17, we have already reached the limit for how many people may attend Mass within the current restrictions. 

For those interested in attending Mass on any of the remaining weekends of May, please call the office (761-8811) and leave a message with Mrs. Becky McNeal and leave your contact info. You may also email Fr. Haake directly with your request: 

If you attend Daily Mass, you have no need to call or email and may just show up. Please be sure to read the liturgical guidelines of the diocese (link is in the box below). 


Collectively, the bishops of Missouri have dispensed Catholics in our state from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass during this time of the ongoing pandemic. Those who are 60+ are strongly advised to stay at home on Sundays, along with those who may be vulnerable in their immunity, too. 


No matter where you find yourself on the spectrum today, I like the maxim of St. Pio: "Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry!"


        In Christ, Fr. Haake 

Please read the Diocesan Liturgical Guidelines before coming to Mass or Confession.

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Upcoming Mass Schedule

Tues, May 26 @ St. Matthew's

           -Confessions: 11:15 am

           -Mass: 12:00 PM

Wed, May 27 @ St. Matthews

           Confession: 11:15 AM

           Mass: 12:00 PM

Thur, May 28 @ St. Matthew's

           Confession: 11:15

           Mass: 12:00 PM

Fri, May 29 @ St. Matthew's

           Confession: 11:15

           Mass: 12:00 PM

Sat, May 30 @ St. Matthew's

            Confession: 3:00 PM
            Mass: 4:00 PM

Sunday, May 31 @ St. Matthew's

             Mass: 9:00 AM
             Mass: 10:30 AM


St. Matthew's Parish

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Parish Office

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Parish Office Hours: 
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