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New Projects

This is the main view of the Church coming in from Grandview High School. Below the flagpole (to the right of it) we propose to place the Sacred Heart statue. Also, we cut down the very huge tree a few weeks ago that had grown thirty feet over the flag pole and over the cross (which you can now see again); cutting the tree down really opened up the property again. We reconnected the lights so the cross is now lit up at night again, making the church visible from Main St. Also, notice the new parking lot and concrete curbing! 

Here is the Sacred Heart statue! I placed it on the proposed spot for the picture. Donnelly has held this statue in their warehouse since 1988! What I am proposing to do is professionally landscape the entirety of the grounds around the church building (something that has never been done), calling it the "Sacred Heart Memorial Gardens". We're looking for a company to do the landscaping (any recommendations would be welcomed), and are hopeful to create a plan this Winter and execute it in the Spring. We will landscape around the statue in particular, and place a nice light on it as it will be visible from Main Street.

Below are a few pictures of the grounds around the church side of the complex (the same entry point above). I am proposing that we "hardscape" the flower beds. Again, they've never had any actual landscaping for the church before. We also are going to rip out the sidewalk on this side of the church this Spring and repour, making it handicap accessible (we just received a donor to do this). I'll have to show that plan to Bill Gagnon once it is designed. 

This is the entry point from the "rectory side". The proposed spot for the statue of the Blessed Mother is in the center of the circle atop the sidewalk. Someone had given Fr. Hansen the statue a couple of years ago and had the intention of placing it in front of the parking lot. 

The feet of Mary will stand about chest level. She will be elevated on a square pedestal that will be grounded to the cement and tapered a bit as it goes upward. She will stand aloft within a flower bed ( that will be above knee level), and the elevated flower bed will be circular in shape and walled with natural rock and capped on top. A light will shine on her, and she will be facing outward toward the parking lot. Again, this slab is conduit ready for lighting and has weeping holes built-in it to let water out of the garden.

Below is the very heavy statue of Mary, about five feet tall, "Queen of Peace". I couldn't move it myself. That is all, let me know if you have any questions or if I need to do something more to explain the project! Thanks, Fr. Adam Haake