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Church items for sale from St. Matthew's Parish

- Altar set (available) - Pews (available) - Painting (available)

- Crucifix (n/a) - Wall statues (n/a) - Tabernacle (n/a) - piano (n/a) - organ (n/a) 

Direct inquiries to Fr. Haake (


7 Piece "Vine and Branch" altar set 

This seven piece altar set was handmade by a liturgical company in Nebraska in 2006 for St. Matthew's. The wood used in each piece is rare and naturally curves. The design was intended to be evocative of the "vine and branches" theme in John's Gospel. For reference, the parish originally paid $35,510 for this 7-piece-set, however, we would truly listen to any offer on this (no reserve price). Seeking a church or chapel that could use this. Even though this is sold as a set, we found the original prices for each item in the set :  1) Altar ($16,900); 2) Ambo ($8,870 / motorized! height adjustment capability); 3) Wall-mounted wheelchair accessible reading desk ($1,285 - not seen in picture, behind ambo); 4) gospel book display shelf ($610 - not seen in picture); 5) presiders chair 34" height ($2,475); 6) presiders chair 30" height ($2,275); 7) 1 table ($3,095 - between presiders chairs). This is very high quality wood work. Super sturdy. 


63 Oak Pews - approximately 877'-0"

Northern Grown Solid Red Oak Pews and chapel chairs (oak chapel chairs not pictured below, about 30 heavy chairs). The pews were purchased in 2006 for $95,305 from a liturgical company out of Nebraska. They are still in pristine condition. We will listen to any and all offers on these pews. Again, we are more interested in finding a home for these so they can be used. Is there a church out there that needs an upgrade? 

Pew Body: PB-95 solid oak contoured seats with solid oak backs. All with solid end and center supports. 

Pew end: Solid oak pew end CE-46 with routed cross and shaper cut 'A' on outside edge of the pew end. 

Bookracks: Continuous solid oak bookracks mounted on the backs of all pews except the backs of rear pews.

Kneelers: Deluxe aluma-kneel aluminum upholstered kneelers mounted on the backs of all pews except the backs of the rear pews. 


Baptism of the Lord Painting

5 X 8 gallery wrap linen canvas. Original painting by local artist. Commissioned in 2006. Placed above parish baptismal font of St. Matthew's. Great condition. Vibrant colors. ($900). 

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